Dina Anderson
  September 30, 2016

Why Voting is So Important By Bishop Andy C. Lewter, D. Min.

voteIn just a month, America will go to the polls to decide on the next person to occupy the White House as president of the United States. Unlike previous years, this years election offers a choice of two candidates that could not be any more contrasting. It is the right and responsibility of every individual to vote their conscious and far be it from me to instruct people on what to feel and how to vote. However, as a community leader, I do fee obliged to raise awareness and encourage those I have the honor of leading to participate in the electoral process. There was a time in this country, not too long ago, when people of color were intentionally excluded from electoral politics. This was not something that was restricted to people of color. Those who are familiar with history will recall that voting in this country was originally reserved for white males who were land owners. That meant that not all whites could vote but only those who could boast having real estate in America. In certain ways, this was more about classism than racism. In any event, a very high price of blood and lives have been spent to make sure that all Americans have a right to cast their vote of choice.

As November draws closer and closer, my prayer is that all persons of integrity will take time to exercise their right to vote. A few days ago, President Obama spoke to the members of the Congressional Black Caucus, during his speech he declared that our failure to vote places at risk his legacy as the first Black President of the United States. He states, “There are too many names that could be listed that reminds us how valuable and important our vote is. Let’s make sure that we honor our ancestors and those who paid the price for us to have it.”