Dina Anderson
  October 12, 2016

Over The Hump Devotion

“……For the Lord is watching over your journey.”

I hate traffic. Living in the metropolitan Atlanta area gives me
a lot of time sitting in my vehicle experiencing this dreaded situation,traffic. Fortunately my vehicle is equipped with a global positioning system which can be programmed so that it takes me on a route with the least amount of traffic. Once I program the system to get me out of traffic, a map appears on the dash board and a voice comes through the system saying”recalculating route”. My destination has not changed but the route that I take to get there has to be recalculated due to the conditions I am now facing.

How often have you changed where you were going because you ran
into unwanted circumstances? Some have changed their entire profession only because they hit a traffic jam. Their lives seemed stagnant and they concluded that they were headed nowhere so they decided to do something else.  Thousands have ended marriages because it did not seem to be working and they felt they were getting nowhere.

The road may be rough and the going tough but keep your eyes on the destination. Don’t worry about the wrong turns you have made in life or the fact that you missed your exit because you were distracted. Don’t give upon your dream because you hit a traffic jam. There are different routes to the same destination. God is watching over your journey even when it is being recalculated.

Bishop Jerry F. Hutchins