Bishop Andy Lewter
  March 31, 2017

Publisher’s Editorial

One of the great joys in my life is the opportunity I have to come to you each month with this magazine that highlights our ministry, but more importantly, provides you with information that we pray will prove to be a blessing to you.  In recent weeks we have been researching various ways to bring our information to you in the most effective way.  While a publication that is mostly read has been the standard for years, we have noticed that more and more people prefer the usage of video or some other visual aid in the consumption of their news or reading material.

Toward that end, we have changed our format a bit to make this monthly magazine more of a video magazine than a written publication.  While there are some things that we will continue to keep in a written form, you will no doubt notice that most of our material will come to you in written form.  We are anxious to know how you like this change so please drop us a note and share with us your thoughts.