Dina Anderson
  May 2, 2017

Motivational Message From The Editor, Dina Anderson


            “Oh to love and to be loved by a wonderful mother.” That echoes the sentiment of the many people who have lost, never found, or have a distant relationship with a loving mother. The awesome blessing of having a mother in my life has shaped and molded me into the unique person that I have become. I can recall growing up as a young girl the things that mom taught me, even in my primitive years. She trained me in the kitchen at the age of 9 years old, while she prepared the evening meal and often time would suffer diabetic attacks, she would say, “Dina, I need you to cook the dinner for the family.”From her sufferings as a juvenile diabetic, I learned how to cook for the family and eventually, my own family and others around the world benefited from my mother’s love of fine cuisine. From the kitchen to cleaning the house from the top to the bottom on every Saturday morning, my mom was preparing me to be smart, strong, and useful. There we were, my sister, brother, and myself, making schedules for dishwashing, mopping, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms and the kitchen. As a result, I became a meticulous worker with a great work ethic, finishing whatever I started at the highest level of excellence. More importantly, she rehearsed 4 things to make sure that I do to be successful: 1. Make sure you get a good education don’t just get a bachelor’s….Get a Master’s degree. 2. Always have your own and never depend on a man to take care of you! 3. Take good care of your health and teeth. 4. Eat healthily and maintain your weight. 5. Be humble, kind, and generous. 6. Genuinely love God and people. 7. Only what you do for Christ will last. I have lived by these orders all of my life. Even when “Life Happens” and my direction appears to be uncertain, I remember these guiding principles that get me back on track toward my Life goals!

       I often times wondered why mom seemed to overwhelm me with such grown-up conversations as a little child. Then it hit me, On October 1, 1990, when the terrible disease of diabetes clawed the flesh of my mother for the last time and she took her last breath, I realized that those conversations were not for then, but for now. Mom knew that she would not be with us for long and she had a short period of time to impart knowledge, wisdom, and moral principles that would take her place when she died. She loved me to the point that she wanted me to live out her dreams and visions that were unfulfilled in her short- lived life so that my life would be filled with love, joy, peace, and happiness. In spite of her leaving us at such a young age, her love was reproduced into three seeds that continue to spread her life of love to the world. How blessed we are to be loved by the unselfish love of a mother who gave and sacrificed her own life so that our lives would be better. Because of the magnitude of her great love for us and others, Her love lives on forever, it will never die.

    This month in May, as we celebrate “Mother’s Day,” remember those who have lost or never found their mother and encourage them to see the mother figures that God has placed all around them as surrogate mothers. For those who have a distant relationship with your mother, seize the opportunity this Mother’s Day to draw close to the mother that loved you enough to sacrifice her life for your life. That it is one of the greatest expressions of a Mother’s Love.

God’s Blessings,

Dina D. Anderson